How to choose a physics tutor?

A decision to think well, otherwise, it will be a waste of time and money.

As in any activity, there are good and bad, but you have to pay attention, since it is not an activity that is regulated, and therefore whoever can teach anything.

One question I ask my students is if, in the first class, the tutor looked carefully at the notebook to understand exactly what topics were selected and how.

If you are preparing for an exam, it is important to understand how you will be evaluated. Is it a written test? Is there an oral test? What is usually asked? Being clear about how you will be evaluated is key. Your private teacher should (ideally) be aware of study plans and assessment forms. If you have no idea, you should ask your classroom teacher to remove all doubts.

Another question I can tell you, be careful with idealizing the private teacher, thinking of him as a savior or magician who solves everything, and quickly!

Now I will pass you several tips that may be useful:

  • Having a teacher at home is more comfortable but more expensive. If you are going to pay more than the sea for quality and not for comfort.
  • If the teacher tells you that he is titled, you have the right to ask him to show the title, already known to a few who grant themselves titles …
  • Pay special attention in the first class, do you explain clearly? Did you review your notes to have a starting point? Do you know how to listen?
  • If you have confidence and a good relationship with your classroom teacher, show him some of the work done in the private class.
  • The particle classes of large groups are not a good business for you (yes for the teacher). Try if it is possible to choose teachers who will give you personalized attention.
  • If you come to a teacher on the recommendation of your friends, great, it is something to keep in mind, but do not forget these tips!
  • If you have specific learning difficulties, try to find someone who is trained to help you more efficiently.

Choose well and don’t wait until the last moment! 😉